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> BVB @ Olympia, Paris 16/03/15 ” Paris Ashamed”


” I was so excited to see Black Veil Brides in live for the first time ( I was waiting for this moment for a long time ) that I almost forgot they were not as headliner. The crowd is here for Steel Panther.

The lights go out on a nearly empty balcony. I knew the crowd will probably provoke them because, sadly, Black Veil Brides, a rock band, are considered as a band for teenagers girls but I never imagine things would turn like that.

Alone,in my balcony side, ( nearly empty ) to be here at l’Olympia just for them, it’s a terrible moment of lonelyness that I’m living. Nevertheless, my eyes stare the stage. I only see those five boys who play music which touch my heart. If in the balcony the crowd are indifferent ( exept the decade of fans who was here on the left side ) it’s totally different for the crowd on stalls. The crowd booed them and insult them. Hard-Rocker audience is dirrespectful and intolerant. Members of Black Veil Brides and Steel Panther are good friend but the audience does not care.

Band members can feel direspect from the crowd and Andy is indignant. After trying to explain to have some respect for a band who is here as a support he give up. Black Veil Brides just play, they care only about the few fans who are scattered in the venue. Despite of this bad ambience, these five members keep smiling and sharing by some regards some quietly thanks to the fans. Pretty tired and revolted by such a crowd, their set, which should be during one hour, was reduced to thirty-five minutes then the band leave the stage without a words.

My heart is broken. I feel terrible by all this disrespect. I feel bad for them.They played such a great set, their songs sounds heavier on live than on their records,they don’t deserve it. Black Veil Brides, a band who are enjoyed in the whole world just met the Parisian audience. A violent collision. When I quit the venue I’m ashamed. Ashamed that they’re assiociated Paris and France with this hateful crowd. ”

Original Text by Clementine FRENCH VERSION
Translated by Morgane for BVBWorld.
These are under copyright.

Photo by Manu Wino for Metalorgie

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