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> [01.04.15] Interview of Ashley Purdy for La Grosse Radio. ( Paris, France)


A few hours before opening for Steel Panther, Black Veil Brides’s bassist Ashley Purdy made an interview with us, in the Backstage at l’Olympia.

Hi Ashley ! First of all, I would like to thank you to take the time to answer to our questions and talk about the actuality of the band.
No problem !

Your fourth album was released on October, what do you think the band had accomplished with this record ?
Lot of things ! As much as a band and individually. First, about writing and recording, we wanted to accomplish something different of Set The World On Fire or Wretched and Divine, even if we love them. Something who will be closer from 80’s metal. Lots of our references was produced by Bob Rock who produced our fourth album. We love his past works with Mötley Crüe and Metallica… so work with him was our first accomplishment for us. Then, we add all these little details which was missing in the production of our past albums. I’m sure that the difference between our first three albums and this one is evident. I think this album enabled us to widen our style and our audience which one is more varied. You know, I think at our beginnings our fans was teenagers but now is more diversified, we see all kind of metalhead and hard-rock fans at our shows. This album represent an artistic accomplishment but also an accomplishment about the diversification of our public.

This fourth record has the name of the band. Most of the bands are doing this for their first album, why did you made this choice ?
Lot of reasons I think. It’s been five years that the band is what it is today and there are lot of things that we wanted to accomplish into our last albums. For the first one it was about to shape the composition that we already had even if we do not know eachother so well. For Set The World On Fire it was more “ we will show you we are good musicians” it is insane and more dynamic. There are lot of guitar solo and the drums is crazy. For Wretched And Divine, we knew eachother a little bit more and we focused on the idea to create something conceptual with a real scenario.
As we already realized all these goals, we made this new album without no concept, only true hard rock. So, there was no sense to give a title to this set where the songs title are more authentic and honest than we wrote before. We just thought it was simply an album by Black Veil Brides and there are no reasons to give it a title. This record represent the band, it brings together that we really are. We stayed a half months together to make this record, days and nights, 24 hours per day and you can feel it in the way that the songs sound. It’s heavier, powerful and very real and honest. It’s true, it is our fourth record but it is simply Black Veil Brides as we really are today and the record represents the best of this.

Since the album release, you’ve never stop to be on tour : How your audience react about the new songs ?
Very well ! I mean… You’ll see it tonight [ laughs] In fact even the album release we put some new stuff online as “Faithless“. It was the first one and then “Heart Of Fire” and “Goodbye Agony“. What is cool about that it’s when we played them the fans already knew the lyrics, when they had to raise their fist and sing with us, how to interact with the band… And to be front of a crowd who know everything before the album release is just awesome. Honestly, our fans are really particular compared to some other bands’s fans : there is a real community, a fan army ! They come together… I saw some pictures of people here in Paris who came together, they spend the day together, take some pictures.. It is a real civilization, a community that we have no control on it [Laughs]

Black Veil Brides is opening for Steel Panther for two dates, the first one is tonight. How is to be with them on tour ?

First, we know them for more than 10 years, we are good friends from Los Angeles. Before our band exist and even Steel Panther or their previous band Metal Skool exist… I even made an interview of Satchel’s wife. In fact, they were touring as the same time as us, we arrived in Europe when they came back from UK so it seemed logic to play together because we did not have a date here. Sometimes it’s hard to play here but it’s an opportunity and we took it because we love them !

Do you think you will come back in France as headliner and maybe play in an another city than Paris ?
Yes, we want to ! And indeed, I often see on twitter, for exemple, lot of fans who wrote “You missed this town/date…” But it is political. Sponsors are looking for profitable places, those where they have guarantees for the management of flights, accommodation, crew. And if it is not financially viable, there is no date. There is some business behind our tours, what fans often ignore. So, to all our fans : call your radio station, sponsor of your district and tell them that you want to see Black Veil Brides on stage and on the radio. At the end, we missed some places without wanted it. For exemple, I know we will go to Russia but we don’t go to Ukraine. People are complaining and are disappointed but unfortunately we can’t do nothing, we don’t manage our tour, we go where our sponsor find a date.

You are on guest tonight, so I guess your set will be shorter.
Yes, and once again I understand if some people are disappointed. Usually we play for half an hour almost two hours and tonight we will play for 40 minutes.

How do you manage the setlist ?
It is a good thing for the fans because we will play all our famous songs. We were just working on it in the backsatage a few minutes ago to chose which song we will not play. For example the last fifth songs are all some songs that we made a video clip for them. It’s gonna be intense, we will probably have fun.

Will you play some of your new songs ?
Yes ! Almost all.. We will play “Heart Of Fire“,“Faithless”, “Goodbye Agony” and “Last Rites” it is not a single or video clip but it is one of our favorite song.

Black Veil Brides had been a lot on tour, especially in the USA. Do you see a difference between the European audience and the American audience ?
I have the feeling that people are more interested in Hard-Rock and metal music. A simple example, in the USA, rock magzines are out every two months, here, it is sometimes some weekly magazine especially in the UK. It shows perfectly the interest from European people for this kind of music. It is the same thing if we take a look at the capacity of the venue : we often play in some bigger venue in Europe than in the US, which is our home country. And it does not work in the other side : we know lot of European bands who came in America and fail to sell twenty tickets while here they sold out some venue as Wembley. I think about You Me At Six for example. In our side everything is okay but being from Europe it’s harder.

Back to your show, recently you start to play ” Kickstart My Heart” by Mötley Crüe.
Just for fun ! [Laughs]

Is there are other covers that you are trying or have planned to play?
The way we decided it it’s very funny : we vaguely know the song, we never rehearsed it and we tried it.We also played Danzing this day and when we played Kickstart My Heart we thought everybody love this song and it will be nice to include it to our show. But, we’re not gonna play it tonight, we will play an another cover. We have to give you something in this kind because Steel Panther are really based into 80’s and we want to share with you a little bit of this kind of music, make the crowd dancing.

Does the band had already think about the next album ?
We already started to talk about it. We talked about the direction we want to take, about the producers with who we would like to work. We write some composition and the we record it on a MP3 for later. So, we have a few ideas that we have to put it in common. Our schedule is kinda busy until december with our Worldwide Tour. So we gonna take a break after Christmas and then we will work on it. The album won’t be released before Spring 2016. We have one more album to make with our label because of our contrat, we will do it and then we will think about the different options.

Exept the new album, does the band have some other projects ?
Lot of shows, and work on this new album at the end of the year… Exept this we don’t have so much time. We wrote twenty songs for our last album, me made a movie.. We have a live DVD which will be released on June ! We always have some new ideas, for example the merchandising, organize some contest for the fans..

Do you have a last message to say for the readers of La Grosse Radio and to your french fans ?
As I said our fans are the best about Social Medias and sharing some stuff,and keep calling your radio sation and sponsors as you do to request the music you want to hear. Fans, keep being behind us, BVB Army keep your support ! How could I say it in french ? ” Je t’aime ” Is it right ? [Laughs]

Photo by Sofia Blomgren FestivalPhoto
Original text by La Grosse Radio
Translation by Morgane.
Original text and the translation are under copyright.

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