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> [02.05.15] Interview of Ashley Purdy for Myrock Magazine #34


For ” IV”, you have been working with the legend Bob Rock ( Mötley Crüe, Metallica, Simple Plan ). How was this collaboration ?
It sucks ! ( Laughs) No, it was a dream come true. When we work with someone we idolize, we pass an another step as musicians, in the writting and production aswell. We came with all our ideas and we were faced with one of the most important man in his domain who made us grow, who give to us the best in us by leading us in the right direction. Bob was really the THE guy we needed, the “boss”. Crazy thing, it was him who contacted us after he saw our video for “In The End”.

Does he helped you in the writting of the album or by refine some musical arrangements ?
We always had a clear vision about what we wanted for our sound. Bob did not change us, he helped us for evolved. He took the best we had.

If we take a look at ” The Shattered God”, Black Veil Brides sounds fiercest than ever. How did you approached such a song ?
First of all, the general idea for this album was to be more honest, in the sense of being completly outspoken about the way that we live everyday. Before, our songs was more like “mini-stories” about one concept. Here, “IV” is more based about the daily life. We stayed a month and half in Vancouver, Canada, to record it. We ate Black Veil Brides, we breathed Black Veil Brides, everything was Black Veil Brides. This common energy is the foundation of the record. So, this fierce side and honest as the same time come from this. It is really us and the strengh of the band that we exprime. For the lyrics, it always depends of the song. Each moments, like this one, can inspire us, evoke us an emotion and then we take it and we start to compose. Personally, I love trying lot of things, put myself in different situations, whatsoever funny, plaisant or dangerous.

Another song, more soft ” Walk Alway”. It is right to say that this song was influenced by Guns N’ Roses and Pink Floyd ?
It is true that when we started to really work on it, we realized that the beginning really sounds like Pink Floyd. We reworked on a big part entirely composed of an acoustic guitar, while keeping the basic structure. But yeah, it is totally right, a big influence of these two bands. (Laughs)

“IV” is ending by ” Crown Of Thorns”, a beautiful song but full of despair, in total opposition of ” Heart Of Fire” which one is placed at the beginning of the album. What does mean such a choice ?
Rebirth. It is always important for us the way that we ending an album and how we start an another one. It is an another concept that we had set up, whiwh is even pushed to its climax on ” Wretched And Divine”. For now, the flame was extinguished and “IV” plunged you into darkness, but something new will be coming…

Original Text by Laura Minichino for MYROCK
Translation by Morgane for BVBWorldNet
Original text and translation are under copyright, do not use them without credit the author.
Photo by Vinicius Pereira

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